Dreadlock Dreams

Every so often I have a nightmare that my locks have been combed out. On some occasions the locks have been combed out AND permed/relaxed!!

I usually wake up in a mad panic.

Do other ‘locked’ peeps dream about this or am I losing it?


  1. says

    You are not alone, mpenzi. My particular nightmare is that my locks have been cut off. Dont know what this means. I could possibly link this to the Simon and Delilah story but will not. Très bizarre, even by my standards:-)

  2. visitor says

    I found your site because I googled Kenyan blogs, so I don’t actually know you. But I know the dreams!! I hesitate to call them nightmares because lots of people I love have relaxed hair. In my dream, I wash my hair and my locks unravel completely and won’t come back, no matter how hard I try to twist the hair back into locks. It’s perfectly straight and I can’t do anything with it. Nerveracking!