Prayer Requests

I need people to pray for me as I walk to and from work every day. There are about 100 stray dogs in Belize and if you know me well you will know how scared I am of dogs.

On Saturday I was taking a short cut and in the horizon I saw THREE BIG dogs just hanging about, so I retraced my steps all the way back to the main road.

I then decided to walk three paces behind this man. After about five minutes he stopped and turned round and I nearly walked right into him. I had to apologise and explained to him that I was not following him on purpose; he just happened to be walking in the same direction. Turns out that he is actually my neighbour.

I can’t keep stalking random people and hoping that they get bitten by dogs before I do…so please pray for me.


  1. i dont see anything wrong with walking behind people who make better prey for the dogs, sounds like a pretty good strategy actually! or you could buy a belt …

  2. We’ll be praying for you babes. All the same, you’d better learn a bit of James Brown just in case you get cornered! (‘Shame’ reference there)

  3. dogs..u mean perhaps..Men?? lol..jus kidding…the last time i checked Kui..u had a phobia for…u are in my prayers for real..heeheehee

  4. Hi Wangui, Nimefurahi ulifika salaama, I hope all is going well with you and forget the dogs, how are the snakes? I ask that with the silliest smile because it is just like that cartoon of a rock and hard place. Which is better a dog or a snake? I hope you are enjoying your stay at Belize and today l learnt the capital of Belize. It is nice being able to read from you and l guess you will have to fill your journal with all sorts of things. Look forward to reading more and more and more. I love and miss you. Auntie Wahu

  5. Yeah, at least you are not running away from balloons, or snakes or chameleons and nasty creepy crawlies such as these:-) But our prayers are with you!

  6. You can actually rebuke dogs in the Name of Jesus. I understand your fear, Mam has the same, she would do the same thing – take a long detour. When their e-mail is back on line, maybe you can ask her how she managed to overcome the fear of dogs. (at least the visible fear) I actually tell dog owners that I am afraid of their dogs, could they hold the lease tight.
    Besides all of that, have fun. You might just learn to ignore the bow-bows

  7. My sis is scared of Dogs too…and spiders and many other things :) Lakini dogs are no. 1.
    Tip: Get a cane and since they are stray if you give them a thrashing noone is going to sue you.
    And lemme guess, the dogs bark at only black people right? I swear even dogs are racists :) :):)
    Like someone said do not hesitate to go Jackie Chan on them.