Week 1 – Day 2: Banana Bank

The Chairman of the Belmopan branch of HelpAge, Mr John Carr owns a lodge about 5 miles away from the capital called Banana Bank and today he played host to Belmopan’s older members.

We left Belmopan at about 10.30 am and after a 5 minutes drive along the main highway we turned off on to a dirt road that took us to a river. We had to take a short boat trip across the river which was fun but a little scary.Mr Carr and his dog met us at the other side of the river and took us up to the dining room for some carrot cake and homemade orange juice.

I had expected that we would see lots of banana tree but that was not the case, instead we saw a jaguar (the animal not the car!), some parrots, a white bird that said “hello”, a baby crocodile, loads of horses and some monkeys.

The highlight of the trip for me was talking to one of the older women who was actually born at Banana Bank. Her grandfather had been the caretaker and she made history come alive.

As usual the sun was beating down and by the time we got back to Belmopan at 4pm I was so tired.

So far so good…