NCA Board Meeting

This morning we travelled to Belize City for the monthly NCA Board meeting. I met a lot of new faces including the chairperson of the NCA, Ms. Kamela Palma. I had to give a presentation on the work I had done so far and what I hoped to achieve while I am in Belize. I was shocked to see the chairperson in tears at the end of the presentation. She said she was moved by my enthusiasm and energy and that she was so happy to have me here. I can not remember the last time I felt this appreciated and valued at work.

If you have been following my blog (journal); you would know that my previous home situation was not ideal. I had not realised the effect this was having on me and my time here. This time last week I was ready to pack my bags and head home. I had already counted down how many days/weeks/hours I had left in Belize. My arms had developed a rash which I assumed was heat rash or eczema and since I moved home it has disappeared and the itching has stopped.

The meeting I had has made me consider wanting to stay longer, I had always wanted to come out here for six months and after yesterday I feel that it would be in the interest of the NCA and the Older Persons of Belize if I stayed.

This is something I would have to discuss with my family. I am missing Mich a lot and the thought of spending Christmas without him is not one I would like to dwell on. Finance is also a huge factor, I have to pay to be here and since I am not being paid at the moment I am in no position to extend my stay. My new host told me yesterday that she would be willing to keep me for as long as I wanted to stay and that money would not be an issue so long as we had food.

No matter what decision I reach, I know that since the start of this week my time here has chnaged for the better. I am happier at home; I love the work I am doing; I am making friends and most of all I feel as though I am finally making progress at work.


  1. Wahu says

    I know you are a mature woman and the only person that you may need to discuss this with is Mich, but stretch a little to your extended family. What about us. But hey, I am glad that you are enjoying Belize and that you feel appreciated. Like l have told you before, you do us proud.

    Love, kisses, misses

  2. says

    A. Wahu when I said family I meant all of you. Infact I was just about to post on Funky Town but I got carried away by your writing :)