A Jazz Chord…

NOTE This is 100% Kenyan humour and can not be translated. My brother’s friend sent it to him and because I am not in a creative mood today I shall just cut and paste.

Stevie Wonder is playing a gig in Nairobi.

He’s just finished playing his Seventies classic “Sir Duke” .The crowd is still going wild when a young Kikuyu man at the front says,

“Stevie Wonder, you play a jazz chord, you play a jazz chord!”

So Stevie plays an F# minor on his keyboard and goes off on a jazz riff. The Kikuyu man says,

“No Stevie Wonder, you play a jazz chord!”

So Stevie tries an A and off he goes with the band on this amazing improvised moment. When he’s finished, the lad says,

“No Stevie, a jazz chord, a jazz chord!”

By now old Stevie is a little confused.

“What do you mean, play a jazz chord? I’ve just done 2 for you..?”

he says to the fan.

“But it best song of Stevie Wonder! It velly famous!”

comes the reply

“Ok, well how does it go then?”,

enquires the musical genius

The Young Kikuyu man clears his throat and starts to sing:

“A jazz chord…………..to say, I ruv you…”


  1. Wahu says

    I have laughed until I cried, this guy sitting next to me typing with one finger looked at me as if there was something wrong with me, as I was also hiding my face. I jazz cord…. please more of this.