Blog Saver…

When I have nothing to blog about I can always rely on the result of some online personality quiz or a list of random facts about me to fill up my blog. Today I have settled for random facts.

1. I am writing this at 2.20 am
2. Whitney Houston is on the TV
3. I often tell people that she is my aunt
4. Most people don’t believe me
5. A few gullible people do
6. I take advantage of their gullibilty
7. I tell them that our family disapprove of Bobby Brown
8. That since they got married we’ve distanced ourselves from her
9. Actually I haven’t told this to anyone since University
10. That’s where Mich and I met.
11. Yesterday was our 7 year anniversary
12. We only remembered towards the end of the day
13. Before Mich, I briefly dated a man with a gold tooth
14. He also used to roll up one trouser leg
15. And he had a ‘street’ name
16. He met my sister and best friend
17. By accident
18. I tried to hide him from everyone
19. He also smoked weed 3 times a day
20. Which reminds me of the Musical Youth song Pass The Ducthie
21. I was about five when I first heard the song
22. I had no idea what the dutchie was
23. My aunt told me it was a sauce-pan
24. She said they were passing it ‘paan de lef haan side’ so the food wouldn’t burn.
25. I believed her
26. I also believed Wombles were real animals
27. Until I suggested a trip to Wimbledon Common
28. I was 18 years old at the time
29. And at 6th Form School
30. There were only 5 girls at my 6th Form School
31. We formed a music group
32. It was the first time I had ever really sung
33. It was also the first time I mentioned ‘Aunty Whitney’ to anyone.


  1. Kaki says

    OH HELL NO!!!
    A good tooth!!! Yeah, you better add the briefly cauz I was going to jump on you for that. And a rolled up trouser leg LOL. I know I know…It was thrilling huh. Those thug types *fans self* Something about them is just appealing in a strange way even though you know it is just not right and you might get your behind kicked or shot :)
    I swear if Tupac was still alive I would be a baby mama with some drama.

  2. Kaki says

    Ohh yeah congrats on your anniversary girl. 7 yr itch coming on. Sijui what that is but hear about it. Mich must be something.
    As for believing in the Wombles, I still believe the smurfs are real. And elfs. And guess what, we had a singing group too. It is so wierd how our lives correspond. We were called Resounding Joy. We were the bomb! I think that is one of the moments in my life I felt so alive. Now I critique music groups like an expert and still love acapella. I secretly wish I could gather a willing group here and start another group. Kui, remember Thrilling Three ala Famous Five and Secret Seven ROTFLMBAO!!!!