Actually It’s Mrs JunkYard…

Nearly everyone who knows me knows of Mich. Most people know we have been together for years and that we have been engaged since July 2002. Some may know that immediately after our engagement we set a wedding date and had it not been for the Busia Crash, Saturday 9th August 2003 would have been our wedding day.

Since the day we told friends and family that our wedding had been postponed indefinitely we find ourselves being faced with the same question:

So, when is the wedding?

We know that people asking this did so because they cared but after a while it got annoying. Apparently telling both friends and family that the wedding was on hold until mum woke up was not a sufficient response. So we came with an even better answer, a wedding date.

At the time of our agreement February 2006 seemed like a reasonable date. After all it was far enough in the future to sound convincing. So that became our response and as expected everyone w
ould reply with;

ooh that’s plenty of time to prepare

or words to that effect.

The fact that we are now less than a year away from our ‘wedding date’ coupled with recent events/blog interactions has led me to realise that it is about time Mich and I came clean.

As you may have already worked out, there is no wedding planned for February 2006 but that is only half of the truth.

Mshairi, remember a few days ago we spoke about that trip Mich and I took to Haworth last year. You referred to it as a ‘renewing vows trip’ and I just said ‘hmmm’. You were so close to the truth.

Saturday 1st May 2004, Keighley (near Haworth), Mich and I got married.

Since mum’s accident various family members have said that they would not mind if Mich and I went off and got married on our own. So while they may be surprised, I really hope you guys won’t be mad at me. At least the adults. I am sure Mimu (my baby sister) shall be really upset but she doesn’t read my blog so I have time before I tell her.

I will not go in the reasons why we got married without telling the world. It really is no-one else’s business. I shall however explain why I have chosen to tell in my blog.

In short, my decision to go ‘public’ is based on recent blog activities/interaction.

Recently in my 100 things about Me post I mentioned that I have a small crush on a fellow blogger. I didn’t mention who the blogger was and at the time of writing the list Mich didn’t seem to mind the whole crush thing.

Over the past few days there has been a friendly battle between Nicholas Gichu (NG) and Mama JunkYard (MJY) and while I thought I was engaging in harmless fun it appears that Mich has concluded that Nick is the ‘crushee’ (?) and that our online behaviour is far from harmless. In his words it is

inappropriate and shamless flirting

I believe that a comment left behind by an aunt and fellow blogger, Nyaks is what led to Mich’s suspicions. Nyaks suggested that MJY and NG liked each other and she advised that we should kiss and make up.

While Mich had seen that comment and even left a comment in the ‘spirit’ of the post he was not too pleased to read that NG had returned and left the following remarks.

It seems that Mich is the only family you have…tsk tsk

Mich told me that he felt:

  • the rest of my family appeared to support/encourage MJY and NG’s online shenanigans (perhaps because NG is black, Kenyan and Kikuyu?)
  • NG used the term ‘only family’ and ‘tsk tsk’ in a dismissive way as if to suggest that having him as the only family was a bad thing.

There are obviously other factors that have led to Mich’s ‘disapproval’ but since they have occurred offline I shall not mention them here.

I never wanted this to come out via my blog but after discussions with Mich I took into account his feelings. He said he felt that by not letting people know that we were married I was using my ‘not-single-but-not-married’ status to engage in behaviour that would not be considered appropriate if people knew we were married.

In essence I felt Mich (who has been keen to let our families know) wanted reassurance that I was not ashamed of the fact that I am married to him, nor am I ashamed of how we chose to get married and most importantly that when I made those vows I meant them and I would always be prepared to stand by them.

So here in my blog I am letting the world know that regardless of what others may think about the relationship between MJY and NG, I am 100% in love with Mich. I am 100% committed to Mich. I would risk the anger of my other family members for Mich. I would give all this blog stuff up for the sake of Mich.

This weekend I am off to visit the in-laws so we shall use our time there to let them know.


  1. says

    Whoa! Let me be the first to say (well the first on this blog anyway), Congratulations!
    IMHO this is good news.
    Remember when I first visited you guys I kept mentioning how you were, “so married�? Little did I know eh!
    Seriously though, your relationship is deep. I could/can see the affection you hold for each other. The love is clear to see. All the best.
    Now this year for your Garnet (2nd) wedding anniversary ebu throw a bash, upende usipende!

  2. ciru says

    “AAARRRRRR!!!” *screaming hysterically*

    I’m in shock and at the same time incredibly happy for you both!!!

    I always secretly wished you’d just gone ahead and tied the knot, but for fear of appearing insensitive, I kept that sentiment to myself. I am SO SO SO GLAD you went ahead and did it!

    So glad in fact that I wont even dwell on the fact that you announced this on the net. lol 😉

    How on earth did you manage to keep such big news to yourselves, and for so long? I would have been bursting to tell someone.

    Congratulations Mich & Kui! :)

  3. Nyakehu says

    Not just speechless but somehow feel responsible, the comments l made yesterday were in so much jest like in the spirit that it was written, I am terribly sorry that it was misread in a way that l had not intended. My apologies to you and Mich and to Nick. Pole

  4. Kenyan Pundit says

    Congratulations to the both of you. Good luck with the process of informing the rest of the family…if anyone is upset don’t worry, they’ll get over it.

  5. Kaki says

    I do not believe this.

    How do you describe feeling mad and happy at the same time :)
    I cannot believe you pulled that off. I soo now want to be you when I grow up.

    Anything else we need to know? Wamich is two now? (Wangui+Mich) baby 😉

    Congrats my sis and mob love to that wonderful man called Mich :)

    I am still going to kick your ass for this!

  6. says

    1.Big ups and may u be blessed with twins!!!! Congrats…wish you two notthin but the best…
    2.Damn u for making me yield a tad…to make a point clear…the tsk tsk was in reference to u not to mich…we are at war remember i just meant that except for him no one else is on yours side in regards to the war…
    3. in fact if i may add i know damn well he hates your blog(in the spirit of the war)-he may love you for better or worse(blog excluded ha) and u coulda posted that post of him clenchin knuckles…
    4.yes i recently discovered the art of counting…
    5.Mich ur a lucky guy…but still reconsider ur alliance in this upcoming war

  7. says

    Many congrats on your nuptials & given the factors mentioned, I see nothing wrong in the decision you took. It’s always good to let folks know in advance which you did but well, stuff happpens. Best wishes & take care of each other:)
    Hope to read more from you, I drop by from time to time to read your always interesting posts.