Belize Challenge 2005 Official Launch

This post will make more sense after reading this post here.

Aside from being a wonderful opportunity to do some amazing work volunteering can be very expensive. Not only will I give up the opportunity to be in paid employment I will have to incur significant costs just to make it out of the country. I have estimated these costs to be in the region of £3500. This figure includes insurance, flights, food and accommodation for six months and general living expenses. A full budget and breakdown can be found on the Placement Costs page of the Belize 05 section.

In order to meet my costs I shall have to obviously work harder, spend less and save more but that alone would not get me to Belize at least until around 2010. So I have decided to launch a fundraising and awareness drive; The Belize Challenge 2005.

The idea behind my first fundraising activity came from Mental Acrobatics, who suggested I design and sell Begins At Home merchandise. After a few days tinkering with PhotoShop I am proud to launch the Belize Challenge 2005 online store (hosted by Café Press). For the duration of this challenge there shall be a permanent link to the shop on this blog (that animated GIF thing in the sidebar).

On sale are mugs, t-shirts, mouse pads, bags and pin badges amongst other things all bearing the Begins At Home logo. Café Press have set base prices for all their products and I have set the mark up price for most items at $5. This means for every item (apart from the pin badges and magnets) someone buys they contribute $5 dollars towards the Belize Challenge 2005.

For those who do not want to buy but still want to donate there is a PayPal button on the sidebar (and the Home Page, and in the Belize 05 section). This can be used to donate an amount of your choice.

The Belize Challenge 2005 is not just about the money. One thing that made my placement last year a lot easier was the support and encouragement I received from friends, family and strangers. I can not place a price on how good it felt to receive emails of encouragement. So for those who wish to show their support in a way that doesn’t cost a thing I have created an “I Support Belize 05� web site button. This idea came from Mshairi, and like other web buttons the idea is that anyone who so wishes can copy the HTML code found here and paste it on their site. Anyone clicking on the button will be directed to my site.

I will be more than happy to help place the code for anyone who is stuck. Alternately simple old-fashioned linking works just fine.

Lastly, if I could ask for just one thing, it would be please spread the word – The Belize Challenge 2005 is now officially launched.


  1. says

    Kui, great idea, great designs (am all smiles!!) and a very worthy cause. I wish you well as you ready up for the trip & will do the necessary to support the cause, buy a little smth too & spread the word. Nice to see someone give their time & effort to help the needy. I’m sure with everyone’s efforts you’ll meet the costs:)
    I also hope you’ll get time to blog while there.
    Best of wishes.

  2. says

    Hey Sis, you have my support. Will be checking in and doing all possible. This should make us (me especially) feel very small, so anything I can do, just holla.

    Good luck..XX

  3. Slimsey says

    I am so glad that you are making your wish to return to Belize a reality. I know that the work that you are planning to do for the NCA is much needed and that the NCA will really value having you on board again and appreciate everything you are giving up to assist them in their work (as they did last year). Also everyone in Belize will be so pleased to see you. Give me a hollar if there is anything you need my help and support with, I am more than willing to support you in whatever way possible.

    You go girl!!

    p.s I am so coming to visit – as you know I miss Belize SO much!

  4. Kiriba says

    Once again, excellent choice Dada! All the best with it all. btw, great work with the site. Blessings.

  5. says

    bt, very inspiring what you are doing. i really wish you the best and hope to learn more about Belize and your work through your blog when you’re there.

  6. says

    Sup girlfriend, i love your passion in life to reach out to those who don’t have and no one they can reach out to.

    I am moved by your selflessness which is from within. No one can ever pay your back enough, no one can ever appreciate enough, but the only one who see’s in secret, GOD. He’ll pay you back Kui.

    Go Kui, touch as many lives as you can girlfriend coz as we all know ain’t nothing like a ‘human touch’!

    All the very best, we are behind u, we got ur back. I put up the link to show my support and oh my prayers are with u too.
    God bless.