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The Kenyan Blogs Webring (KBW) has grown steadily over the past two years and rate of growth increases month on month. We have come to recognise that many of our new members and some of our older members are not aware of the admin team and the role it plays in the running of KBW. This post aims to answer some of those questions and provide an opportunity for you to ask more.

The admin team is made of six bloggers including myself. My colleagues on this team are:

We are spread over three continents and 9 time zones reflecting the wide geographical base of the KBW members. In addition, we have a 50/50 gender split on our admin team which again reflects the nature of KBW. This team has been together for almost a year now.

What do we do?
So what do we do? First and foremost, we are the support mechanism for KBW. Either directly though our interaction with bloggers or indirectly through the services we provide on our website KenyaUnlimited. This support ranges from html issues to general blogging advice.

The admin team is also a decision making body. All decisions regarding matters to do with the webring are debated honestly and vigorously amongst us until we come to a decision. An example of some the recent decisions we have taken are the composition, timing, and running of the Kaybees, the Kenyan Blogs Awards.

Apart from these two roles we do general administrative work for the webring, for example,

  • building the information database and actively keeping our site bilingual;
  • actively seek out positive PR for the webring and its members;
  • investigating the role we can play as a socially responsible organisation;

All of these centred around building a community of and for Kenyan and Kenyan friendly bloggers and raising the level of blogging debate amongst that community.

Admin blog
We have also set up a blog – The Admin Blog where important and appropriate decisions and actions taken by admin regarding KBW will be posted as and when necessary.

Contact us
Each member of the admin team now has a personal email address at KenyaUnlimited. Please feel free to contact me on any KBW matter at my email address which is kui[@] kenyaunlimited.com. I have sole access to this email address, although I may raise any issues that relate to KBW with my fellow admin members. Our main email address admin [@] kenyaunlimited.com remains the main point of contact for the admin team. Please note that this email address is accessed by all six admin members.

We want to emphasis that we are here as a support mechanism and not as a controlling body. Our focus is to build on the stable foundations we have laid together with you to turn the Kenyan Blogs Webring into a positive force wherever we and you are. Your suggestions, comments and interaction is not only welcome but highly appreciated.


  1. says


    *Note to self, no smilies*
    Good work – KBW is home, literally and we all know how much work goes into making it the vibrant community it is. Thank you so much for the work you guys continue to do without remue.. rennie.. (dont laugh) remuni… payment and I hope that we continue to grow as a community through this.

    Onwards and upwards (or something to that effect)
    Have I expended my use of parentheses for one day?

  2. uaridi says

    Okay, you will have to tranfer what I said to Mental and Mshairi and paste it here. I suppose the others from the other time zones will have a post kesho (my three hours sleep beginning to tell on me)

    But truthfully, I want to say thank you for all the hard work the Admin team does.

    Good night

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    You guys are wonderful, wish I had joined the community a bit earlier, and the response I got while registering was swift, something unimaginable to resident Kenyan companies. Bravo.