Small Things, Big Impact

Twice in less than twenty fours I was reminded of the power and truth contained in that well known phrase, ‘it is the small things that count.’ The instance I have chosen to blog concerns a visiting friend. As I write this I am inclined to refer to him as my cousin because the term friend fails to convey the nature and depth of our relationship however in the context of this post either phrase will do.

When my friend arrived I handed him something that one of my aunties had made; a bespoke Uaridi Knitwear scarf. My friend received this gift as a Gooner would receive news of Arsenal’s imminent victory in Paris. Apart from the thirty minutes he spent frying plantain he wore the scarf for the duration of his visit. During the winter months room temperature at Chez Mama JunkYard’s tends to be in the region of 26 °C, so it is fair to say that in the middle of May, this man did not need to wear a shirt let alone a scarf.

Knowing how talented my aunty is and being aware of the hundreds of Uaridi Knitwear items that she creates for members of our extensively extended family I think I have become indifferent to what these items symbolise. It doesn’t take Uaridi long to knit something; I think this scarf took her about 5 hours. It is easy to forget that when Uaridi embarks on a knitting project she spends a lot of time thinking about the recipient. Including the important height and size considerations, Uaridi takes into account your likes, interests, style and so much more. The end result being an item of clothing that reflects your personality.

Taken on its own especially when the seasons change and millions of people in the UK don their coats and gloves, this scarf will be viewed by many as just another winter accessory. It is, on the surface, a small thing.

The joy on my friend’s face as he exclaimed for the hundredth time, “this scarf! It is deadly!� reminded me what it meant to receive a Uaridi Knitwear garment. When you are handed a Uaridi Knitwear item, you are being given something made by someone who has (a) taken the time to know, understand and love the person that you are and (b) utilised their creative genius to transform what she knows of you into a beautiful, stylish and functional item of clothing. In simple terms, my friend reminded me: those small things people do for us often have an impact far bigger and longer lasting than the act itself.

As an aside: After months of persuasion I have finally initiated my scarf wearing cousin-friend into the world of Pimms and Deal or No Deal.


  1. uaridi says

    Thank you for this post MJY. I do not know what to say, except that I am deeply touched by your words. All you said is true (she says trying her best to sound modest). Knitwear, even for paying customers from my heart.

  2. says

    The scarf is deadly!!!! So so so good and I am very very grateful! The little things make all the difference. This was a big thing though! A massive thing! Wearing it today people thought I was a gooner, i had to put on my LFC ski hat to set them straight! Uaridi Knitwear is excellent.

    I hear ati you are meant to put cucumbers in Pimms? true? a friend told me thats what they do in Jilly Cooper novels …!