Happy Birthday KBW

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Today the Kenyan Blogs Webring is two years old!

Happy Birthday KBW.

We, the admin team, are grateful for your continued support, for your dedication, for your inspiration, for your ideas and for your community spirit. The Kenyan Blogs Webring is a positive force for our nation, our continent and our people, long may it prosper! If you are not yet a member, join us. If you have any questions, contact us.

Here are a few quick interesting facts on KBW:

Membership numbers

We currently have 240 active members*
In our first year we signed up 69 active members*
In our second year we signed up 171 active members*

* “Active members” refers to bloggers who joined KBW and are still members today. It does not include those who have left the webring.

Gender balance

100 female bloggers
123 male bloggers
12 group blogs

(Please note some bloggers author more than one blog).

Rate of growth

The rate of growth continues to rise rapidly. Our two busiest months for signing new members have been April 2006 and May 2006.

In April 2006 we signed up 34 new members
In May 2006 we signed up 33 new members

More than one blogger per day


The permanent home for the Kenyan Blogs Webring is KenyaUnlimited.

The KBW aggregator displays the latest posts from our members’ blogs. The aggregator gets just under 3000 unique visitors per day. This means that each KBW member has at least 3000 people reading their posts each day they blog.

The community

Although we are called the Kenyan Blogs Webring we currently have members from Tanzania, Nigeria, Uganda, Germany, United Kingdom, and the United States (this excludes our Kenyan members living abroad).

Our members blog in at least 8 different languages.

Join us

Membership is open to Kenyans, residents of Kenya and friends of Kenya aged 14 years and older who maintain a weblog, photolog, online journal or online diary. We are inclusive rather than exclusive. If you would like to join KBW you most probably can! Sign up here.


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    Congratulations to you and your colleagues who have put the whole project together and kept it going. These things are not easy and are done from the heart. Good luck for the next year.