Kenyan Bloggers’ Day 2007

Cross-posted from KUL Admin blog Introduction On June 1st 2007, Kenyans everywhere will be celebrating Madaraka Day. Madaraka Day commemorates the day that Kenya attained internal self-rule following an important milestone on the road to independence. To mark this event, we would like to invite members of the Kenyan Bloggers Webring to blog in unison under the banner ‘Kenyan Bloggers’ … [Read more...]

Laptop Must Go

When I left the UK for Abuja I took with me (amongst other things) the Dr’s old laptop, which he had recently swapped for a very shiny Sony Vaio. The Dr’s old laptop was at that time (mid August) around 5 years old which in laptop years is approximately 55 years old but it still worked well enough for me to carry it halfway around the globe with the sole intention of it acting as my second/home … [Read more...]

I Just De Greet You

When I first arrived in Abuja I did a post entitled ‘Wetin Dey Happen’ and this would have a good time for my Nigerian friends to inform me that there a myriad of ways for us to ‘greet ourselves’ here in Naija. Below is what I have managed to come across so far and would welcome corrections for any spellings, meanings and usage that I may have got wrong- oh and any other greetings I may have … [Read more...]

Signs of Home

For most people in Abuja the sign below is nothing more than one of Abuja's many street signs. For me (and indeed anyone else who speaks Kiswahili) two of the places mentioned instantly stand out: Nyanya is the Kiswahili word for grandmother and tomato ( I have never known why the two share the same word in Kiswahili - any takers?) Kubwa in Kiswahili means big. … [Read more...]

Death By Chocolate

I thought that Abuja's Cherry Plus (bakery/coffeeshop) only specialised in amazing coffee; it turns out that according to their menu (pictured below) the Hot Chocolate has super magical powers! For those who are soon to turn a year older, worry not about your ageing eyes - here is a close up. … [Read more...]