Redesign and Upgrades

Achtung!! This site has undergone some changes. Navigate with care Beginsathome (and all her sub-sites) has gone through a number of changes; some of them are still ‘works in progress’ but here is a short summary of what has changed or may change. Site Wide: The entire site is now powered by Wordpress v2.0.3 – this includes all the static pages. I am aware that there is a more recent version … [Read more...]

Free At Last

I have finally been set free by my former web hosting company. Through out the day I have been working to move files across and I think I have moved everything. There are still one or two pages that need working on but hopefully there shouldn't be a broken link in sight; please let me know of any errors. The process of moving hosts has been an experience and a half. I am now off to crack … [Read more...]

Change is gonna come

After a turbulent two years I have decided that it is time to say goodbye to my current web hosting company. Ideally the transition should be seamless however being the nincompoops that they are; my hosting company are dilly-dallying with my details. Until they decide to respond to my numerous emails requesting the release of my domain name I shall be unable to complete my move. As a … [Read more...]

Email Spoofing

Preamble: As this my first post of the year - Happy New Year Recently someone has been sending spam and pretending it is from me (from to be exact). A quick Google of the term “email spoofingâ€? suggests that this problem is widespread and unfortunately it does not take much to spoof an address. All one has to do is change the “Fromâ€? and/or “Reply-Toâ€? section of their … [Read more...]

Technical Hitches

I know of late my blogging has been erractic to say the least. While part of it has been down to real life taking over; a big part has been due to some odd fault. We changed ISP a few weeks back and ever since the change I have been having difficulties accessing my own site! At times all I get is an error. On other occassions it takes me to the blogger website(?!!?) and I have once been … [Read more...]