Jipox -(verb) Kiswahili Slang: to boldly assert one’s belonging/membership to a group of people or an event despite irrefutable evidence to the contrary. Jipoxer -(noun) Kiswahili Slang: one who jipoxes. Last year, my blog twin wrote a fantastic response to Angelina Jolie’s adoption of an Ethiopian baby. In the same blog piece she mentioned that Oprah claimed, on the basis of a DNA … [Read more...]

Hunt for Kenyan Surname. Any Ideas?

It has come to my attention that certain members of my family have taken to publishing exposes on Chez MJY. It has also come to my attention that certain persons, whom I had considered friends and/or family, have been encouraging this family member and fuelling her pseudo-investigative journalist streak. Just so you know, I read all your comments, accusations and misplaced smilies. Let not … [Read more...]

One of Our Own?

Who would have thought that placing a Zimbabwean woman in the Big Brother house would have caused such a storm? Less than 4 days after Makosi entered the house and News Zimbabwe declared that ‘Every Zimbabwean should be ashamed 'of 'this chicken-brained sanctimonious squit' (sic). The general message being that Makosi is a bad representative and the people of Zimbabwe should disown her. … [Read more...]

Holy Smoke

According to the BBC Kenya is to ban smoking in public places. They list the following places as areas that they plan to target, bars, churches and sport stadia Church?!? While I recognise that at present there maybe no written law that bans smoking in Church but surely it is just one of those things that people in Kenya would never do? Does anyone know of any church in Kenya … [Read more...]

I am…

I am 26 years old. A not so old person recently referred to me as a baby. I only mention this because it made me smile. I mention my age however because, well, it is relevant to this post. In all my 26 years, I have spent no more than 3 consecutive years in Kenya. If holidays and other short term trips are included I would say the total time spent in Kenya is about 4 and half years. That … [Read more...]