Kenyan Bloggers’ Day

***Cross posted from KBW Admin Team Blog Introduction On June 1st 2006 Kenyans everywhere will be celebrating Madaraka Day. Madaraka Day commemorates the day that Kenya attained internal self-rule following an important milestone on the road to independence. To mark this event the Kenyan Blogs Webring (KBW) Admin Team would like to invite KBW bloggers to blog in unison under the banner … [Read more...]

KBW Admin Team

Introduction The Kenyan Blogs Webring (KBW) has grown steadily over the past two years and rate of growth increases month on month. We have come to recognise that many of our new members and some of our older members are not aware of the admin team and the role it plays in the running of KBW. This post aims to answer some of those questions and provide an opportunity for you to ask … [Read more...]

Beware the White Dots

You've got to wonder what sort of somersaults the Mentalist's brain was performing as he addressed this envelope. What of our postman, who for years has always known me as Ms. W Kihoro? I am almost certain that as he shoved the A4 envelope through the letterbox he muttered to himself, 'There goes the neighbourhood!' How will I ever face him again? But hey, the loss of social standing … [Read more...]