Thug Notes: What’s in the subtext?

Sweet Sparky, PhD

I recently read a wonderful summary of Eduardo Bonilla-Silva’s definition of coded racism that describes it as: “new racism that entails individuals saying and doing things that perpetuate racial stereotypes and inequalities, but they do so in such a way that the offender is able to deny being explicitly racist.” The definition emphasises the privilege of deniability that coded racism bestows on … [Read more...]

Saying Sorry – The Kenyan Way…

Recently I had lost my blog motivation and was beginning to accept that I may never blog again but a friend's comment on what he terms as 'cross-cultural communication interpretations' led me to reflect on some of the things that Kenyans say in Kiswahili which when translated to English lose their meaning. One word that stands out is 'sorry' and a while back Kaki touched on this in a comment … [Read more...]