Redesign Part 2: Choosing Colours

Following on from Part 1 this second installment aims to credit the online tools I used to determine the colour scheme of my site. Choosing the colour scheme of a website is by far the aspect I love most about site design but it is also an activity that I find equally challenging. This is in part due to the fact that I am not an artist. I don’t even have a GCSE (O’Level) in Art and haven’t … [Read more...]

Redesign Part 1: Conquering K2

Having been inspired by so many sites and helped by so many bloggers via various online tutorials I consider good manners to document how I accomplished mamajunkyard's new look and to acknowledge all those who had a hand in the outcome. As much as I loved the previous colourful and slim Mama JunkYard design I couldn’t help but envy the versatility and practicality of those wide width blogs … [Read more...]

Redesign and Upgrades

Achtung!! This site has undergone some changes. Navigate with care Beginsathome (and all her sub-sites) has gone through a number of changes; some of them are still ‘works in progress’ but here is a short summary of what has changed or may change. Site Wide: The entire site is now powered by Wordpress v2.0.3 – this includes all the static pages. I am aware that there is a more recent version … [Read more...]

Free At Last

I have finally been set free by my former web hosting company. Through out the day I have been working to move files across and I think I have moved everything. There are still one or two pages that need working on but hopefully there shouldn't be a broken link in sight; please let me know of any errors. The process of moving hosts has been an experience and a half. I am now off to crack … [Read more...]

Change is gonna come

After a turbulent two years I have decided that it is time to say goodbye to my current web hosting company. Ideally the transition should be seamless however being the nincompoops that they are; my hosting company are dilly-dallying with my details. Until they decide to respond to my numerous emails requesting the release of my domain name I shall be unable to complete my move. As a … [Read more...]