So, you've made it to MamaJunkYard's? Thanks for stopping by.

I started this site in September 2004 as way to update family and friends on my voluntary placement in Belize. Back then I had no idea what a blog was and I certainly didn't intend to keep using this site after my return. Nearly 10 years on, here I am, a blogger. Or as I now call myself, a sometimes blogger, because I don't blog as much as I did back then.

Most of my time is either spent studying at Royal Holloway where I am working my way through an MSc in Practising Sustainable Development (ICT4D) or trying to grow the social enterprise I co-founded, Hatua. Somewhere in between...I blog..

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About Me

Me, 2008 MamaJunkYard is both the name of my blog and my nickname. Most people however, prefer to use my actual name - Kui. I am a US born, London raised Kenyan currently shuttling between the North West and Egham.

I am a self-certified geek. But more importantly I love the opportunities that have been created by technological advances, especially information communication technologies (ICT).
This really is what this site is about. Whereas you probably won't finding me writing much about tech (I reserve that for the Hatua blog) this site of mine is certainly a testament to some of the opportunities that have come my way by virtue of having access to the internet. Through Mama JunkYard's I have been able to share my thoughts on race, gender and so much more with whoever who wishes to know about them. I have had the opportunity to interact with some wonderful people.

Welcome to one of my home on the internet.

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