If you are reading this you will already know that this site has a journal. The main purpose of this journal is to keep everyone informed of my progress in Belize. It is like a very public group email.

Until I get to Belize I have no idea how often I shall have access to the internet but I intend to update the journal at least once week. Do keep checking as often as you can.

You will also notice that within the journal there are several categories. If you are only interested in how the placement is going stick to category called Belize however if for whatever you reason you want to find out about other aspects of my life please feel free to read through the other categories.

For those of you who want to take a more active role in my life/Belize experience please use the comments section at the end of each entry to have your say and/or email me.

NOTE TO FAMILY – If for some reason I have not made it online for a week do not panic and please do not phone Helen at CWW saying that your daughter/niece/cousin/sister/fiance has not been seen on the net for over a week. She will not be impressed and I may be to embarassed to come home :) I promise to keep in touch.


  1. Mika says

    Shame!! I thought we Kenyans were programmed to run the 10k without breaking sweat.

    The site looks poa sana. Well done.

  2. Mich says

    The sites looking good even if I do say so myself. BTW I think it looks better on laptops (but since I more or less live my life on mine I may be biased) :-)

  3. Liz says am impressed…I guess those days at Peponi were useful after galfriend..keep it up and keep it real..God Bless!!