Golden Clients’ Campaign

I spent the day in Belize City meeting with representatives of the three major Belizean banks to discuss the Golden Clients’ Campaign.

The campaign seeks to ensure that all banks provide all customers over 60 with easy access to their banks, that they have priority service and reserved seating for their older clients and most importantly that this information is well publicised.

From the meetings I had, it appears that most banks already have a lot in place for their older clients, they just don’t tell them. The NCA have agreed to help with radio broadcasts if the banks are willing to launch this campaign.

I got one positive response from Scotia Bank, who said they shall get back to me by Friday. First Caribbean were positive too but they said they wanted a bit more information which I shall email across to them tomorrow. Belize Bank, were receptive but they said the follow-up may take a while!

I intend to keep calling, emailing and chasing. I have told the banks that it is in their interest to take the initiative because once the Act is passed they will be forced to comply. It looks much better for the banks if they do it now and it is also free and positive publicity.

We shall see how it goes….


  1. nyanjom says

    hey, all the best in this endeavor. Corporate social responsibility cannot be stressed enough in this time and age. Kudos for the work you are doing.

  2. says

    I see you fikad…I hope your work place practices what you preach, because you know my next stop after Belize is Kenya! Salimia the boys sana

  3. nyanjom says

    Oh yes we try although not enough… we had a ‘Banking on girls education’ (sat)walk yesterday as one of our most recent contributions. This is an annual event and the company contributes the same amount as what the employees raise. We have other community affairs programs, unfortunately none specifically for the senior citizens… Karibu Kenya and the boys silimiad you