Makes No Sense To Me..

I never thought this day would come but pubs and bars are getting rid of Happy Hour promotions. It is their attempt to crackdown on heavy drinking and its effects on society.

This move comes a few months after English pubs were told that they could apply for 24 hour drinking licences. (Most English pubs are required to close at 11pm)

Surely nothing encourages heavy drinking more than allowing people to drink ALL day, EVERY day.

What is even sadder about this is that pubs will claim that it is only a small irresponsible few that drink (the yobs) and get out of control yet all of us have to suffer.

Well I KNOW I am not a yob. In fact I don’t just know that I am not a yob, an independant body has declared that I am a certified responsible drinker. Ok, so I took the Are You a Yob quiz [via The Guardian].

You scored 12
You work hard and play hard, and manage to keep your anti-social behaviour in check most of the time.

…I am off to show this to the nearest barman and see if I can convince him to sell me (and only me!) two beers for the price of one.

Are you a yob? Go and have a go if you think your hard enough.


  1. says

    The Brit gov’t body in charge seems to have gottten in league with the alcohol sellers’ association, hence the 24 hr permit; in theory it would let people take it easy on the drinks, instead of gulping them down before closing time; the 24-hr drinking thing seems to work on the EU continent perhaps because of different cultural norms (the cafe culture) but for Brit it’s a very simplistic approach and I doubt it will work for a long time.

    Mama JunkYard Says: The theory is sound but as you mention it does not take into account this country’s drink culture. First they need to address this nation’s booze culture because that’s where the problem lies.

  2. Mich says

    I agree, the drinking ‘culture’ that is being targeted here won’t take a more responsible approach to drinking simply because you can do it for longer. Just think about your last holiday in Ibiza (if you’re into that sort of thing) as an example.
    I know that up take in general for these 24 hour licenses has been slow because of the cost of staying open so I’m not too worried. Besides, Lancaster is so small that I’d be surprised if we even got that sort of thing ‘up ere’.

    Out of interest, I got 11 points on the quiz (better than you dear) but the comments were the same.

    Mama JunkYard Says: Birds of a feather and all that eh?

  3. says

    I scored 24
    You are the scourge of civilised society. Mr Blair’s anti-yob troops will be knocking on your door. Now just stay put while I call the police. And please stop hitting me.

    Then again, on a whim the answers I gave were the exact opposite of what I would actually do :-)

    Mama JunkYard Says: exact opposite? who are you kidding? we all know you are a member of the ‘Blue Rinse brigade’

  4. says

    Mama J I am not pro drinking but I think its good that when people drink they should do so reponsibly. Problem with England is that at between 10pm and 11pm people drink like there’s no tomorrow ‘drink against the clock’ come 11pm ..the mess you see every weekend. There are very responsible people but the majority go yob after marathon drinking. I support the new laws that way people will trickle out of the pubs at different hours thus giving the police/yes longer shifts but with less people to arrest. Then again it could backfire but will see!

    Mama JunkYard Says: Girl, in this country people drink againts the clock at all hours. If it is lunchtime you have people trying to down as many as they can between 1pm and 2pm. If it is Sunday, you have those who nip out and try to drink in hurry so they can make it back in time to get the roast out of the oven. Give them 24hours and you will have those trying to hurry their drink before the one day travelcard expires.

  5. says

    back home some pubs are required to have closed down by 11pm…in nyeri ur busted and u spend a night in cop’s hotel suite!

    as for the quiz…are u sure u didnt cheat and down play

    Mama JunkYard Says: You know I thought you would have done this quiz to prove that you truly are a badboy

  6. Nyakehu says

    I scored 9 on the quiz, I am not a yob though at times I feel that one has to be as common as muck, the thing about ye good ole England is that there is a pub culture and how does one celebrate it if you are thrown out of the pub at 11 pm. I mean there was a time the pubs were shut at 3.00pm to reopen at 6.00pm, I can tell you there were endless debates about all day drinking and how people would not go back to work in the afternoon. Pubs stay open all day and that culture of all day drinking does not exist. Let us be honest when there is liberalisation of draconian laws there is a sense of unease when one is given some freedom or even laxity…. 24 hour pubs will not be the norm however, there is a sense that with the proper license one can stay open if the owner opts to do so.

    Mama JunkYard Says: I too don’t think 24 hour pubs will be the norm…I think most will only stay open until 3 am unless its World Cup season.

  7. says

    I scored 14 (God, this woman has me doing weird quizzes :) ), but I cheated a bit.

    I am hardly a pub person, but when I go out, it gets irritating when you have to leave just after you get in because its closing time. It is easier when everybody leave at their own time, and I agree people might drink more responsible and not race to it, thereby falling and puking all over the pavements.

    But of happy hour? Isnt that putting a limit on the marketing strategies of the pubs/clubs?

    Mama JunkYard Says: You are not a pub person? you visit those trendy wine bars? Say it ain’t so.

  8. says

    hi BT, i guess happy hour will now be unhappy hour. i scored 12 but i’m not really a pub person. anway, i have no idea how to link back to my blog, but you’ve been tagged.

    Mama JunkYard Says: Another person who doesn’t visit pubs? I think I need to write a KBW constitution that makes the visiting of pubs mandatory…thanks for tagging me. I shall work on it before the weekend.

  9. shobali says

    Kuuliza sio ujinga, what is a Yob?
    As for the happy hours, mmmh. I don’t know much about the UK but back them days before I quit the bottle, that happy hour was a crowd puller. Keeping the bars open 24hrs on the other hand gives the govt more taxes. For the drunks, they will overengage until they figure it out and quit. I still need to know what a Yob is?

    Mama JunkYard Says: A scanty definition of yob is an unruly person, however the word does have race and class undertones and is often used to refer to someone who is white male working class and behaving badly

  10. says

    ….of drinking and being yobs! I hate the whole idea of people drinking out of their senses. it just donn make no sense to me. Not to say that i haven’t done it but even when i did it, i hated myself and tried to do anything to stop because i knew i was being silly and plain stupid. thank God i stopped and nowadays i only peer at a bottle from two miles away….at least i know the fun and misery that comes out of irrresponsible drinking.

    As for those happy hours, guys go ahead and do what yu have to do…….

    Mama JunkYard Says: Weeeeee KymmBr…wasn’t it you who was lamenting about how wine made you become a woman? Where is my nickname dude?

  11. Ms K says

    Yani trust Kui to find a quiz on anything!! Kwanza that quiz, the answer to the question about tatoos: ati dotted line and cut here!! LMAO!! Might just get that one!!

    You know its strange, but we don’t have happy hours here! What’s up with that??

    The thing is though, there will always be people who can’t handle their liquor/don’t know when to stop. I’ve been guilty of that a few times but in my defence, I don’t descend into yobbism. I usually just get hysterical laughing fits!

    But I still don’t get why happy hour has to be axed? How will that curb yobbism? Another Blair gem!

    Mama JunkYard Says: Carnivore on a Wednesday…I think before 9pm has a buy one get one free offer on Tuskers. There is also another bar/club I went to with my uncle…it has a massive chess set on the ground..just before the door…they (used to) have a happy hour – a whole jug of beer for a reasonable amount.