Beware the White Dots

You’ve got to wonder what sort of somersaults the Mentalist’s brain was performing as he addressed this envelope.

What of our postman, who for years has always known me as Ms. W Kihoro? I am almost certain that as he shoved the A4 envelope through the letterbox he muttered to himself, ‘There goes the neighbourhood!’ How will I ever face him again?

But hey, the loss of social standing in the real world is nothing when compared to what I have gained as a result of being the second recipient of Guess’ Mailbox Meme.

Taking into account the choice of card, armed with handwriting analysis and knowledge of her deepest darkest secret I can tell you exactly what the child she was thinks of the adult she has become.

As for my dear friend, we have called you Godfather in jest but the use of bold red ink, lower case mixed wItH UppEr case and the contents of that secret leave me no choice but to hail you as the one true Don and say Omerta!

Noting that Guess wrote in black and The Don wrote in red I have opted to share my secret in Green and to give the card a little flavour of Bendera Yetu Ya Kenya (trans. our flag of Kenya).

A cautionary message to whosoever receives this card, it contains information that many would kill to possess and many more would kill to protect. Dan Brown and his Code ain’t got nothing on this. Are you brave enough to take part in the KBW Kwess Konspiracy? (Ngai..ati KKK!!)

oh…and Mr Acrobat – didn’t you receive Nick’s memo? It is Sir MJY to you….Next time Sema Afande!

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    will there be any space left on that card by the time it leaves uk? and am wondering who will forwrd it to me. i dont mind getting it huko last so i can read all the secrets….afande!

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    Forgive me Father For fI haFe Finned (F6) Ok I realise Milo does this one better – but damn, what I have started??

    What have I started, what have I done?

    Kui, thank you so much for participating – I am so chuffed that I am part of this (yes, I am saying this) and LOL at anyone who gets that card, anticipate the anticipation.

    I wish I was like reciepient number 77 cos I would have made a joke of it, but seeing as I started this – huh… I am so doomed to thinking that I have lame jokes… and yes, I have lame jokes. Dont shoot the Post man..

    For this alone, I love being a KBW member – not that I didnt, but give me a break men, I am starting here.

    I need a sidebar thingy to do the tracking the KBW card on my blog…. *cue running to Mental for the geeky link*

    Gal, You are It – thanks for participating.. Tell Mshairi to walk it over to Uaridi and Nyaks – but dont make them do the ‘Steve – Forrest Gump’ frump’ routine for it.

    This is enough to de’family’ me – I am out :( :(

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    I just re-read your post – ignore my first comment as ‘commenting under influence of’ YAAAYY’ – otherwise read as CUI – to others as KUI… 😀 😀 😀 – i am breaching the ‘no smilies’ code here, but I am allowed. NO?

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    Ok people making the flag ya kenya spare space for the spears (ngao na mikuki)..
    Yes will there be space left..
    Cute H.w must be the ones that made chalis in High school freeze and sleep with the missive in bed when they receive one during the drama fests ama music… LOL

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    love the color thing and the use of aka alias blognames after the address helps to tell who dunnit, else to the other recipirents keep scanning and pass it on.
    Cute Handwriting must have had a shtern lower class teacher who made you learn how to design the letters.