Prophet of Doom

Under normal circumstances I am not a superstitious person however when it comes to football I do have one or two rituals. For example the closer we are to a big game; the less I talk about my team for fear of jinxing them. Under normal circumstances, with less than a few hours to go until kick off, I would not be sat here blogging about Arsenal but this situation is far from normal. My team has been touched by the Prophet of Doom and I am certain that unless I do this post to counter-jinx his handy work our boys shall be leaving Paris with nothing.

I appreciate that calling someone ‘prophet of doom’ is a rather harsh accusation. I also know that casting aspersions on one’s character especially on my blog is irresponsible, likely to get me sued and downright stupid so I have taken time to provide three reasons in support of my claim:

  1. On 9th April 2005 he promised us that we would win big if we bet our houses and life savings on any or all of these three horses: Strong Resolve, Clan Royal and Forest Gunner. I believe our friend placed a bet on Clan Royal, in any event none of those horses were in the top three.
  2. He returned a year later, denouncing the favourite and claiming that Garvivonnian was a sure bet. On the day of the race I was the one who picked up the phone and informed him that his horse didn’t even make it to the finish line.
  3. Today he claims to have advice for the Gooners and pleads that this advice is heeded because he’s got “two quid riding on this!

Twice in a row he has placed a bet and lost! Today he announces that he placed money on my team!! I can’t even begin to think of the consequences of his actions.

I am not sure what one has to do to break his curse but I reminded of this story:

Uri Geller, famous for bending spoons with the ‘power of his mind’, asked everyone watching to place their hand on a picture of David Beckham’s foot on the TV screen.
He then asked them to concentrate on mending the England star’s foot, in the hope that all the positive mental energy will speed up his recovery. (the rest of it here)

For ages I have wanted to post a picture of Thiery Henry on my blog because has Va Va Voom and this gives me a perfect opportunity. It even allows me to repeatedly touch and stare at my screen…and if anyone asks….I’m breaking a curse!

* Photo from ITV.Com
* I just want to say that the whole Prophet of Doom title – it was Mshairi who came up with it. I am not shifting the blame….just crediting my sources.


  1. says

    walalalala. First of all in 2005 my horse did finish first. The only problem was the silly jockey had fallen of and apparently if the jockey falls of the horse isnt counted which to me is just silly. Earlier on this year my horse was taken out by another horse, an act of god really there was nothing i could do about that!

    Now look at you all ready looking for excuses! Si you should have some more belief in your team wewe! PofD hehe. that is sooooo da vinci code.