Dreadlock thefts and mild outrage

My locks

I do try and be critical when I read yet another story by Western media that attempts to barbarise African behaviour but upon reading about South African thieves forcefully cutting off people’s dreadlocks I must confess that my critical analysis took a back seat to my more basic instinct of mild outrage. As someone who has been locked since 2000, this violent violation struck me on a personal … [Read more...]

Dreads: Don’t Go There 101

Background While reading a blog by a fellow KBW member I saw a comment left by my sworn enemy. It was mainly gibberish (as usual) but contained in all that nonsense was the unthinkable, the unmentionable. I won’t even link to it but I shall say this: it is a dumb person who dares refer to my dreadlocks as braids and it is a dead person who dares to suggest that my hair is FAKE!!! Those … [Read more...]

Responses to (some) Questions on Belize

Towards the end of my time in Belize I promised to answer whatever questions were asked about me and/or my whole Belize experience. I answered Hani's question almost immediately and now I shall answer a few more: A. Wahu asked: What has been the most exciting and enjoyable time spent in Belize. Not the work which l have read that you have enjoyed if it is x-rated then we can go the … [Read more...]

New Category Added…

I have added yet another category - the Locks category. I am suprised it has taken me this long. Now I have space to blog on locks and nothing but locks! … [Read more...]

Dreadlock Dreams

Every so often I have a nightmare that my locks have been combed out. On some occasions the locks have been combed out AND permed/relaxed!! I usually wake up in a mad panic. Do other 'locked' peeps dream about this or am I losing it? … [Read more...]