Happy New Year

In many ways I am glad to see the back of 2006. It has been a rather unsettling year with many unexpected events; however even in all the chaos 2006 has had some flashes of pure joy. Top of the list no doubt has been the support of friends and family especially during the time … [Read more...]

Leap Of Faith

Thank you to everyone, not only for the comments accompanying this post but also for the love, support, empathy, patience and friendship over the past month and a half. It is appreciated. The Lancashire sea-side resort of Blackpool is home to an Eiffel Tower inspired structure … [Read more...]

Another Year Older

The last time I blogged I was 27 years old. The subject of my last post was 'Happy Birthday KBW!' I am now 28 years old and the subject of this post is: Happy Birthday to me!! Thank you to my two aunties;Mshairi and Uaridi who both blogged my birthday. To Farmgal, and … [Read more...]

Prophet of Doom

Under normal circumstances I am not a superstitious person however when it comes to football I do have one or two rituals. For example the closer we are to a big game; the less I talk about my team for fear of jinxing them. Under normal circumstances, with less than a few … [Read more...]

Small Things, Big Impact

Twice in less than twenty fours I was reminded of the power and truth contained in that well known phrase, ‘it is the small things that count.’ The instance I have chosen to blog concerns a visiting friend. As I write this I am inclined to refer to him as my cousin because … [Read more...]